Huawei and Analysys Mason publish report on power companies’ deployment of fiber networks
Friday, Feb 17, 2017
During the FTTH Conference 2017, Huawei and leading telecoms consultancy Analysys Mason jointly published a market report analyzing the deployment of fiber networks among global power companies. The report examined potential business models and benefits for power companies constructing Fiber to the Home (FTTH) networks utilizing existing electricity infrastructure. The report also included valuable insights and operational best practices from recent case studies.

With the European Union (EU) council setting new goals to accelerate the advancement of digital societies, gigabit access requirements are rapidly increasing across Europe. However, the high capital investment needed for FTTH construction has become a significant obstacle in the roll-out of fiber networks by telecom carriers. To address this issue, utilizing existing electricity infrastructure to deploy FTTH could save a substantial proportion of roll-out costs.

As the first systematic study of power companies’ deployment of FTTH networks, the report will provide a practical guide to help reduce FTTH construction costs and accelerate FTTH roll-outs in European countries.

Based on the features of electricity infrastructure, the report analyzed the possible business and operational models for power companies to run carrier level communication fiber networks, and the key factors to operate a successful FTTH business.

From analysis of real FTTH deployments across Europe, the report summarized the challenges and requirements for power companies with different business models in the FTTH market. Based on these case studies, the report recommended joint ventures and wholesale approaches as best practices for power companies to deploy FTTH networks.

The report highlighted that power companies have abundant pole and duct resources but less experience and capabilities in running carrier-grade communications networks. Collaborating with telecom operators to harness their expertise brings benefits to both parties and is a proven market practice. Power companies could also utilize their poles and ducts to deploy fiber networks quickly and wholesale the network to different operators.

The published report aims to broaden FTTH construction methodologies in Europe and other regions, and help establish new policies to accelerate FTTH roll-outs and drive the development of digital societies.

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