Rx Networks Launches Free Entry-Level Wi-Fi®, Cell-ID, and A-GPS Mobile Positioning Service
Tuesday, Feb 28, 2012

Rx Networks Inc., a leading mobile location technology company, today announced the launch of its XYBRID RT Developer Program. The program is for developers who want to easily introduce or improve the location experience in their mobile applications, devices or services. Subject to conditions such as nominal daily traffic limits, the program license allows the XYBRID RT entry-level service to be integrated in any commercial application and used for free. The Developer Program provides a cost-effective way to introduce advanced hybrid location support in mobile solutions. Should usage requirements outgrow the entry-level service of the Developer Program, the service can be seamlessly converted to a fully supported commercial license.

Location is fast becoming an expected and integral part of the mobile experience. Location can be at the forefront, such as in mapping applications, or integrated behind the scenes, whether to geo-trigger other services or to geo-tag any information. Location performance expectations are also high, users believe “it just has to work”, regardless of the environment. XYBRID RT combines Wi-Fi®, cellular and Assisted-GPS technologies to determine a device’s location in areas where conventional GPS alone may not be able to. The global Assisted-GPS feature helps reduce GPS time to first fix to mere seconds, while improving location fixes in challenging environments such as urban cores and indoors. The global Wi-Fi® and cellular positioning features not only help properly initialize the GPS chip, speeding up satellite acquisition, but also provide a fallback position in areas where a GPS fix cannot be attained.

The Developer Program is particularly well suited to introduce the benefits of location to M2M (Machine to Machine), feature phone platform and application developers who may have limited or no OS-level location resources at their disposal. Smartphone application developers too can benefit by supplementing OS-level location capabilities with XYBRID RT to ensure a more consistent location performance across platforms or geographical regions.

Online registration to the XYBRID RT Developer Program is quick and easy and developers can take advantage of the simple HTTP system interface and instructions provided to incorporate global, hybrid location support in no time. For more information please refer to the XYBRID RT Developer Program athttp://www.rxnetworks.com/developers/location-api

Source: PR Web

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